Friday, July 1, 2022


Chew Joo Chiat's descendants from his grand-daughter, Chew Poon Neo. She married Teo Geok Peck. Picture shows Poon Neo's grand-children from sons George Teo and Michael Teo/  Poon Neo was my father's (Ann Siong) elder sister. They were born in China and came to Singapore in 1915 with their parents (Joo Chiat's eldest son Chew Cheng Liam and his wife Yap Kim Neo).

                                           The group leader is Winston Teo, son of Michael Teo

A double tomb: Chew Joo Chiat tomb is on the right and his second wife, Tan Quan Noe is on the left. Her tomb is empty as she is buried at another plot of Bukit Brown.

                                                    Paying respect by cleaning the tomb

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