Thursday, October 9, 2008

Chew Joo Beng aka Chew Koh Beng

Chew Joo Beng and Chew Joo Chiat are brothers. Joo Beng was a wealthfy land and coconut plantation owner not only in Singapore but also in Indonesia. His family home was a bungalow at the junction of Joo Chiat Place and Everitt Road. It was bombed by a Japanese plane in WWII. During the Japanese occupation the land was used as a factory producing metal nails and screws. Now it is part of the Lengenda condominium. After the war some of the family members continued to live at Joo Chiat Place in one of the shophouses. Now they are not there anymore.
Site plan showing the location of Chew Joo Beng's bungalow
The two Chew brothers' family form a very large family tree which I am now building. Chew Joo Beng had 7 sons and many grandchildren and great grandchildren. I have many names of the family members but am unable to place them accordingly. Currently, I am communicating with one of his great grandson. I hope by this post, more of Chew Joo Beng's family members would contact me and help me to put up the tree in order. I shall share the family tree with them so that they can pass it on to their children and downwards as a heritage.


m3 said...

Hi, my name is Mas Mahady and Chew Joo Beng was my maternal great-grandfather. My greatgrandmother's name is Ho Siew Kin and my grandmother is Chiew Siew Eng. I would like to make contact to complete the family tree, but I will need to get alot more information from my grandmother. You can contact me at my google account or in facebook (Mas Mahady).
Looking forward to hearing from you, Mas

Philip said...

Hi Mas Mahady

Can you email to me together with your phone no. as we have a lot to talk about Chew Joo Beng's family tree. Your email address and phone no. will not be published.

Karine said...

I'm Karine and my grandmother is Chew Geok Eng, the daughter of Chew Koh Beng. Her sister is Chew Siew Eng, as mentioned in the post above. My grandma has been telling us some stories about her father and uncle when my cousin discovered and showed me your blog a while ago. That naturally got us quite excited to make contact. We'd love for you to contact us and be part of your family tree project. You can email me at We hope to hear from you soon.

Beng T said...

Hi all, I am a great grandson of Joo Beng. According to what my mum remembers, based on what her mum said, Joo Beng and Koh Beng are probably different people. Joo Beng was not Joo Chiat's brother but his cousin. Joo Beng's father was the younger brother of Joo Chiat's father. Joo Beng had only one wife, Chan Khin/Koon Neo, who was a fierce nonya type who would not let him have another wife. Joo Beng's father wanted to give him another wife but Joo Beng's nonya wife would not have it, so the father took the wife for himself. Joo Beng's father had 4 wives. Joo Beng had 6 sons and 4 daughters, his sons were Chew Ann Sim (deceased), Ann Lian, Ann Tong (deceased), Ann Cheng, Ann Soo, and Ann Kheng. I am not sure of his daughters names, the second daughter was my grandma, Chew Siok Bee. Joo Beng died from TB during the war (1944 or 45). If you want to contact me i am on facebook: Beng Tang

Philip said...

I think you missed out one generation. Joo Beng's sons' middle name should be 'Cheng'. Those with middle name 'Ann'are his grand-children. Let me know if I am wrong.