Sunday, June 14, 2009

Business As Usual

An old Chnese bakery at Joo Chiat
Credit to URA
There was a Chinese bakery at Joo Chiat when I was a school boy. It occupied two shop fronts. Besides the bungalows, it was the only single storey building along this stretch of road. The building was very plain and passers by would not want to have a second look. Whereas its neighbour on both sides were 2 storey peranakan shop houses with motifs and details symbolic of the Peranakan Culture. Curious to know whether the bakery is still there, I visited the place and was pleasantly surprised to find business as usaul for the bakery. Except for the front awning that had been removed, the frontage remained as it was before. The peranakan buildings on both sides had upgraded with new paint works and an extension of another storey at the rear. I went inside the bakery and it appeared that time had stood still. The breads were done maunually except for the electric bitter and the electric oven. Two men were seen working. One was preparing the dough for making breads. The second man was about to put the finished products into the electric oven for baking.

Bread shelves no longer in use
In Joo Chiat area, there were a few Chinese and Indian bakeries before. Today they had all gone except the one mentioned above which is still going strong. But how long more would it lasts I wonder.

Guess the exact location of this bakery

Baking trays, electric bitter and dough kneading table

Preparing dough for making bread

Putting finished products into the electric oven for baking

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Tony said...

Hi Philip,
good to see your latest post. Actually, the indian muslim bakeries are still there. I regularly go to ShaZah near JC Terrace and Indian Muslim Bakery on Onan. Theres at least another 2, one near JC Place on JC Rd and another on JC Place near FeiFei.
What is neat is that new age bakeries have started almost side by side... theres the cookies shop near Hong Leong Finance, Obolo european styled pasteries on jc rd nearer to east coast rd etc
I have a friend who took pictures of the old bakery on JC Lane before it was torn down 3 years ago. If i find his photo story, I'll send the link through.
Take care