Monday, January 17, 2011

Then & Now Joo Chiat (1)

In the early 20th century, the main thoroughfare between Geylang Serai and the East Coast was known as Confederate Estates Road. It was a dirt road suitable for bullock carts. Later it was taken over by the Municipality who constructed a proper road for motor vehicles. In 1917 the Confederate Estates Road was renamed as Joo Chiat Road
Below pictures show Joo Chiat Road's transformation from a coconut plantation to its present state.





unk Dicko said...

Nice pictures of old time Joo Chiat!
Perhaps the Nat Heritage Board can put up some bulletin boards with these kind of photos preserved and embossed and display them at some strategic spot.

Philip said...

I am not sure if you have seen all the photos. If you did, you would have noticed that some of the words were not in alignment. I removed some of the photos and deleted the words. I shall put them back later as part 2.