Thursday, November 15, 2012

Joo Chiat Changing Scene 4 - The Jetty

Joo Chiat Jetty was similar to the above picture

Photo from PICAS - Night Scene At Joo Chiat Jetty

How many of us today can still remember the Joo Chiat Jetty? Before the land reclamation at the east coast in 1966, there was no Marine Parade Road. The beach was right in front of the Church of Singapore. I swam in the sea there during my school days. When I was in the upper secondary school, I went to the beach to study under the shade. I enjoyed the ambience which was quiet and breezy during the day. An Indian 'kachang puteh' man named Ah Pao was selling 'kachang puteh' in front of Tung Ling School (now Church of Singapore). I patronised his stall so often that we became friends. Most school children in Katong knew him too. He was an icon to those who frequented the beach.

Joo Chiat jetty was built in late 1950s. It started from the end of Joo Chiat Road and extended into the sea up to where the former Republic Theatre building now stands. The end of the jetty was a square with railings and lightings. In fact, it was a jetty cum restaurant. It functioned as a jetty during the day and seafood business at night. The seafood restuarant was very popular with the people who lived in the area. They, not only enjoyed a good dinner but also the sea breeze, and the waves providing music to their ears. It holds fond memories to those who partied there, especially the night revellers. Unfortunately, the jetty had to be domolished owing to the land reclamation scheme at the east coast in 1966.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I am very glad to chance upon this blog; reading it has certainly shone a new light of this neighbourhood on me.

As an 18 year old who first moved to Joo Chiat four years ago, I am very proud to be a resident of the area, even though it is quite inaccessible by public transport, and some of my friends have deemed it a red light district.

I am especially interested in the history of the plot of land bounded by Tembeling Road and Joo Chiat, as I am currently residing there now. I would love to be updated with more entries in your blog. Thanks :)

Philip said...

Hi misterpo, welcome to Joo Chiat.
I have just posted a new entry in my blog on the history of the plot of land bounded by Tembling Road and Joo Chiat. Hope it helps.

Maurice Chew said...

Hi MisterPo, Yes I remember the Jetty. ( we called it the marine parade jetty then).
There used to be a house at the end of the Jetty with port hole windows.
We used to go there at night for meals as there was also a small hawker centre there. I remember the macaroni soup and fried kway teow -was very good.
Those days the sea was just there. We used to swim there and have katong laksa at ceylon road after that. Life was simple then. We were just kids.